With a huge outstanding artistic background, spanning back to the early 90`s, winning DJ contests and performing on famous radio shows and stations.

They have improved, developed and optimised their skills in music production, spectacular live-acts and DJ sessions.

And now, after sharing a lot of time in the booth and on stage with a lot of international
DJ´s and producers, they have a new idea, a new project and a new dream.

Two anonymous brothers with a mission; Not only sharing their passion for music, but also their fears and worries for the world we are living in. Anonybros investigate, denounce and condemn what’s happening in the world and deliver the message to you through a breathtaking and spectacular show with the perfect synergy of both music and visual effects, making you live and feel a brand new experience.

We present to you, the best visually projected experience, combined with the best soul moving underground electronic music.